Focallure makeup- First Impressions!

SwW0ED-6aEwDid I say how lucky I am to have such amazing friends?If not, then right now it’s the right time to do so…A few days ago we meet up for tea, pizza and cake, my dear friends, Alina and Agness surprised me with birthday presents.We hadn’t had time to meet sooner and to “celebrate” my birthday.One of the gifts that I got was a makeup set from Focallure.When you browse the huge makeup category on Aliexpress, you will see at least 2 Focallure products on each page, that’s why I’m so excited to try some of the products.

You can read about the brand here

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What’s included in this kit:
6.Glowing Blush
9. Free Makeup Bag as a gift

First Impressions

The packaging 


It was so well packaged and so professional. The brow kit and eyeshadows came with brushes, the powder with a little puff.

the packaging on everything was very similar


Product swatches 


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Sorry about the crappy swatch picture

I still haven’t opened powder and eyeshadows, so I can’t say anything bad or good about them. About products that I have tried, I can say positive things, for now, my favorite of all is the mascara, it gives your lashes very natural look and is not clumpy. I think will do a look with all of the products in the future.


tenor (2)

I’m really thankful (Thank you girls!)and happy about this set.The quality is really good (both the packaging and the product itself), will try them for a month and then write a full review!

Tell me in the comments, What’s the last time someone surprised you?Was it in a good or bad way?

 That’s it from me

Till next time

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Aliexpress: Cheap Choker necklace set 1set=6pieces review

Product Description: Material:cloth,cotton
1set=6pieces,opp bags,
You can find this set here

My Thoughts:

Packaging: 4/5 stars


It comes in really good packaging. There was no rips or any kind of other damages.


Design: 5/5 stars


ali chocer


I’m very happy with all of the chokers.Made really good. They are comfortable, easy to wear, not itchy and you can easily make them bigger or smaller, even for my tiny neck, they fit.

Overall: 5/5 stars


I’m so happy I have them. I think they are my favorite accessories right now. The quality is there and I’m really surprised how cheap this set is.So 5/5 stars!

Tell me in the comments, What is your favorite choker?

That’s it from me

Till next Time 🙂

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eManco Earrings Review!

FontCandy (43)I love online shopping and Aliexpress is my favorite places to do it. You don’t need to go anywhere, stand in lines and leave your cozy home. I found eManco store from lots of Youtube videos about Aliexpress hauls. So I decided to get something for my mom as a mothers day gift and I got earrings (And she really liked them). Let’s start with the review!( #NotSponsored, I did get everything with my own money.But hey..maybe someday, I can dream…right?!)


Product Description :


My Thoughts:

Packaging: 5/5 stars


It came in this very beautiful box and nothing broke in the packaging. It’s really remarkable because it did come from China to Latvia by simple mail



Design: 4/5 stars


It’s minimalistic, a little bit “rusty” .I really like it and the back clip is just perfect for everyday wear(you don’t have to worry about losing anything).

Overall: 4/5 stars



They were cheap, free shipping, lots of colors to choose from, came fast( a little more than a month) and my mom liked them. So I’m very happy with my purchase. If you are interested in them, you can find more here

Tell me in the comments your favorite online store?

That’s it from me 

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MEIKING Face Mask review

I have a confession to make…I’m Aliexpress addict.It’s my favorite online store and I just love it.So today I want to talk about this face mask I got from there –MEIKING Face Mask . 

The manufacturer promises :Main effects-Natural radix lithospermi, radix sophorae flavescent extract, eliminate pimples and remove blackheads, shrink pores and reduce excretion of oil and grease, accelerate self-repair ability of skin, promote skin to gain rebirth.

My Thoughts:




I like it.It’s not too runny, easy to apply, lasts forEVER.The only two things I don’t like are when you first apply it will burn a little(because of the ginger in the mask) and it doesn’t dry on your skin and I don’t like it.

The quality of my skin after use: 3,5/5

3 5

I did see that my skin looks better after using this mask.My skin and acne are not as red as they were,but…that’s it.It did not help me with my acne or blackheads at all, and for my skin, it’s too moisturizing.I need something more oil controlling.

Overall: 3,5/5 stars

3 5

I do like it as a once/twice a month treatment, or when I have some dry patches (Usually in winter).But not for every week use.And I do think it was too pricey.Will I repurchase it?No, but I’m glad I have tried it.


That’s it from me 

Till next time!

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Peel off LipTint from Aliexpress

Lip Tints are one of the hottest trends in the world for the past year and of course,  I wanted to try it!But where to get it for an affordable price? ALIEXPRESS! So I found this one, a peel off kind.Got the Romantic Bear lip tint in color Sexy Red

The manufacturer promises:
– 12 Hours Lasting + Moisturizing + Waterproof
– Colorful, glossy, charming lip gloss.
– The lip membrane in accordance with the lip spread evenly, then wait 5-10 minutes to dry.
– Turns your lip color in beautiful color within 5-10 minutes

My Thoughts:

Shade:3/5 stars

stars 3 5

It’s very pigmented when you first put it on….but after all the peeling the color is very settled.


Long Lasting:2/5 stars 

2 out of 5 stars

Such a shame but on my lips, it stays just max 2 h.Very disappointing.

Formula:2,5/5 stars


Imagine when you go to the dentist  and he gives you a mild anesthesia for the procedure, well it’s the exact feeling you will have on your lips after using this product.And it’s messy ..really messy

My Final Thoughts:2.5-out-of-5-stars-rating

Very Disappointing.Will I purchase it again?No…But you know what maybe I was just unlucky with my experience with this product, becouse my friend has it(just in different color ) and she loves it.So if you want to try it give it a go, it’s very affordable so why not.



Tell me in comments What’s your favorite lip tint?

Till next Time 🙂

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