Madara MICELLAR WATER review

Today I want to talk about one of my new Madara (a Latvian brand) Products and my thoughts about it. So let’s start!


Product Description:  Award-winning, all-in-one, no-rinse cleansing – ideal for daily use and perfect for travel. Removes make-up and impurities, balances and hydrates even sensitive skin in one single step. Based on moisturising aloe vera, skin quenching hyaluronic acid and calming Northernpeony.

Apply onto a cotton pad, wipe over face, eyes, and lips.

Nut Free. Gluten Free. Cruelty-Free. Vegan. Natural & Organic. Certified ECOCERT.

My Thoughts:

Consistency: 4/5


It’s very liquidy as most micellar waters. Very good if you have dry patches because it has hydrating properties. Smells very pleasant.



The quality of my skin after use: 3,5/5


Well, I can’t use it every day, too many oils for my skin..but for taking off my makeup 2/3 times a week it’s perfect.Like it’s my favorite lazy day skin care product.

Overall: 4/5 stars


I like it. I really do!The price was a little too high for my liking, but the quality is top notch so it’s worth it. Will I repurchase it? Maybe, I still want to try some Micerall waters from other brands. If you are interested you can find it here.

2014 - 1

Tell me, What is your favorite Micellar water?

That’s it from me

Till next time 🙂

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7 Deadly Sins of beauty Tag

I’m back and alive, with a new tag I have found in the wide web (obviously).But first THANK YOU SO MUCH for 50 followers, it’s just mind blowing for me. So look out for a giveaway…But for now, Let’s start with the Tag.

The questions

1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?

Inexpensive one right now is RdeL Young powder 2 in 1


and The most expensive Clinique High Impact Mascaramascara 1

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?

In this moment I don’t have one…..

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

baby lips

Baby Lips Lipgloss


Hershey lip balm

4. SLOTH: What beauty products do you neglect, due to laziness?

Body cream

nivea soft

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self-confidence?

Foundation, It’s a base for everything.


6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

I’m obsessed with people smiles

park bo gum

7. ENVY: What item would you most like to receive as a gift?

Makeup and Books are my favorite things, but really I’m happy to get anything at all.


That’s it from me 

Till next time 🙂

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July Empties!

It’s the end of July!I can’t believe it almost the end of summer….time flies.So it’s time for this month’s Emptiesexaidet

Disclaimer: Why am I not using my own photos?Because if I use a product every day I'm not gentle with it, so when the time comes to throw it out I'm basically throwing pieces of the product.For the sake of understanding what the product did look before I got my hands on, I'm using photos of the official ad's

Let’s start!


Indola Innova Glamorous Oil Shampoo

The manufacturer promises: Indola Innova Glamorous Oil Shampoo gives from within a recovery and restructured dry and dull hair.

My Thoughts: I had a love/hate relationship with this shampoo, it did make my hair very shiny and healthy after I have washed it, but the next day my hair was oily and “dirty” again. Will not repurchase it.


Syoss Ceramide Complex Anti-Breakage Strengthening Conditioner

The manufacturer promises: About the product
  • Provides up to 10x more strength
  • Improves combability by smoothening the hair fiber and significantly reduces hair breakage
  • Deeply penetrates into the hair to restore hair fibers in the cells, in all layers and down to the tips
  • Turns weak and brittle hair into beautiful and strong hair

My Thoughts: I did think I will hate it, but I totally loved it!Will repurchase.


ArtDeco Eyeshadow 40 and 316

The manufacturer promises : Powder eyeshadow in shimmery pearl shades: The ARTDECO pearl eyeshadows are characterized by an amazing colour brilliance and a wide choice of shades. The fragrance-free eyeshadows are very long-lasting.

My Thoughts: I don’t know…The formula is okay, but the colors are just not for me.Maybe will try some other ones.


Tell in comments, What is your most used product this month?

That’s it for me

Till next time

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Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2 review !

Today Let’s talk about my first product from Makeup Revolution.Just last year we started to see this brand in our stores.The stands were really sleek and eye-catching , so of course, I got something as one of my Christmas gift (plus it was affordable ).

The manufacturer promises : A perfect mix of pearl, shimmer and matte shades. Totally collectible and a pure sellout


 My Thoughts;

Shades: 5/5 stars


You have sparkles, shimmers, and mattes all in beautiful brown tones.Perfect for everyday use.


Pigmentation :4/5 stars


How you can see darker colors are very pigmented, but the lighter ones are not..sadly

No primer, no nothing.Just eyeshadows on skin

The Formula: 3,5/5 stars


For the price it’s okay, but of course not the best I ever used.I love some of them for highlights, it gives really natural glow.



Overall: 4/5 stars


I love it!I use it every day.My favorites are the shimmer ones.And it’s so affordable!!! I paid 5.75 euros for it (money well spent!). Can’t wait to try more from this brand.You can get it here


Tell me down below, What is your favorite Makeup Revolution Product?

That’s it from me

Till next time 🙂

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My Hair Journey !

I always loved to experiment with my hair .I had it long and then very short .Tried lots of washable hair colors, and finally 3 years ago I dyed my hair with a permanent hair dye and never looked back. Today I decided to look back at my hair Journey from my childhood to 2016….Enjoy!

Childhood Photos with my brother and mom.

I was born with blond hair and blue eyes(shocking right?). Through the years it became a little dark, almost reddish light brown. Almost all my childhood my hair was short. Why you ask?My mom told me I had very weird hair texture , and it didn’t look good long .So that’s why short hair.



2010 mati

So 2010..the “emo” years. I cut my hair shoulder-length and used a shampoo that gave a darker shade to my hair.

2011 mati

My hair is longer and I have no eyebrows..because why do you need one?!Right?

So the first photo is from 2012 Summer, my hair is lighter and longer …

The second one is from winter the same year,Hair is darker(I really need to find that cool shampoo) and I’m with Dana from Carpet of thoughts

Ah… 2013..Still, eyebrows are not a thing in my life.How weird does it sound, those pictures are a month in between? If I remember correctly.The second picture was my first time trying a washable black hair dye.

I started 2014 with my still long brown hair, but finished it with purple (first time ever)permanently dyed hair.


2015 mati

The 2015.I rocked some red(more ginger red) hair.I loved it , but after seeing almost every other girl with the same hairstyle, decided I need something new.

I did go back to purple in 2016.The first picture shows my hair after it faded.The second one is after my dear friend Ali (love you ) did my hair .I wanted to try ombre and I did enjoy how my hair turn out .The last picture is from a charity event.My hair is dark brown(but in pictures it always looks black).


My favorite permanent hair dye is PALETTE DELUXE .I just love the color range and it stays on for a long time, doesn’t damage my hair as much.

Looking back at all the hairstyle and colors I had ,I can’t wait experiment some more .Hope you enjoyed reading it(and looking at Baby Anna ).

Tell me in Comments.What is your biggest hair mistake?

That’s it from me

Till next time! 

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June Empties!

So let’s go thru my beauty trash!I did a little cleaning of my beauty corner and bathroom and those are the products I have used up.

Disclaimer: Why am I not using my own photos?Because if I use a product every day I'm not gentle with it, so when the time comes to throw it out I'm basically throwing pieces of the product.For the sake of understanding what the product did look before I got my hands on, I'm using photos of the official ad's


NSPA Exotically Creamy Coconut Scrub

The manufacturer promises: Use it daily to leave skin smooth and with a delicate fragrance. Created in the UK by spa experts, it is paraben-free and has not been tested on animals. Packed with natural vitamins, real fruit goodness, and passion fruit seeds, it will lift away dull skin and invigorate your senses. The tropical aroma of creamy coconut will liven your senses. This natural shower scrub is 7.6 fl oz in size.

My Thoughts: I’m so sad this scrub ended, it was so good.My skin after it felt so smooth and clean.Definitely, will repurchase!


Collection Pressed Powder 17g Ivory 18

The manufacturer promises:Mattifies skin & controls shine for up to 10 hours.Contains ‘skin correct’ complex to minimize breakouts.Soft, blendable texture evens out skin tone.Light to medium coverage.

My Thoughts: This is one of my holy grail products!It’s soooooo goood !My skin looks and feels great after using this powder.The only downside is you can’t really get it anywhere else but England and it’s annoying as hell.So always when I hit the pan, I have a little panic attack inside,because I never know when can I get it again (God bless friends who have relatives in England and can bring me twice a year this powder!)

skarb dlja nog

Zelenaya Apteka Scrub for feet

My Thoughts: This one is Ukrainian all natural brand, so I was excited to try this scrub.I can say it wasn’t as good as I expected.The ”beads” in it where too big and not as much to really do something, but for the price (Just 2 euros) it can be a good one for the winter.

essence all about matt! fixing compact powder-1All about matt! fixing compact powder

The manufacturer promises: if you prefer pressed powder, this fine, compact powder is for you! it can be applied above foundation to mattify your skin and set your make-up. for a matt, natural and smooth complexion. it’s perfect when you’re out and about with your girls!

My Thoughts: When I can’t get my hands on the collection powder then I go to my local drugstore and by this one.I really like it, it does the job, I don’t get oily and my makeup stays on all day.What else can you ask for?

princess marina de bourdon

Marina De Bourbon by Princesse Marina De Bourbon

is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Marina De Bourbon was launched in 1994. Top notes are cassis, lemon and watermelon; middle notes are passionfruit, jasmine and ylang-ylang; base notes are vanilla, raspberry, peach and exotic fruits.

My Thoughts: This smells AMAZING! Simply amazing…if you have the chance try this one out.You will not be disappointed!

Tell me what was your most recent beauty empty?

That’s it from me

Till next time 🙂

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Would You Rather Tag – Beauty Edition

And again I’m back with a Tag!I just love to do them and I can see You love to read them.So this week on the wide web I have found Would You Rather Tag! -Beauty Edition.


1.) Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?

Omg…Palettes and eyeshadows, I can’t live without mascara or lipgloss

2.) Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

Chop off all my hair I do prefer short hair over long.

3.) Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?


4.) If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?

Clothes…lots and lots of clothes …..


5.) Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?

Eyeliner as lipstick

6.) Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

Don’t have them both in Latvia……

7.) Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?

one lip color, I’m more into eyeshadows then lip colors

8.) Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?

winter clothes in summer..I kind of do that every year .Ah…the joy living in a “cold” country

9.) Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?

am….Can I have Clear nails?

clear nails

10.) Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?

Lip product. I live for my eye products

11.) Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?

Ponytail, I look weird with messy bun


12.) Would your rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?

Never be able to paint my nails

13.) Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?

Omg!That’s a hard one.None eyebrows I guess, well I did shave them when I was 16 …

14.) Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?

Bye Bye Nail Polish..I love makeup too much!


Hope you enjoyed reading this one.

Tell me in comments Would you rather give up on makeup or skincare?

Till next time

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