You Belong: Devotions & Prayers for an Uncertain Heart – Book review

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? Today we are starting something different. One of my New Years’ resolutions was getting deeper in my faith, so I have decided every other Sunday I will share with you some Christianity related content I’m enjoying (like online sermons, books or podcasts). If that’s not your cup of tea, that’s totally okay…I have lots of different posts you will enjoy!(like this one “Function of Beauty” Shampoo and Conditioner -UnBiased Review ). Today I want to share with you this beautiful devotional I got for a review from NetGalley.

Let’s dive into my review!


You Were Created with Purpose by a Loving, Heavenly Father. . .
You Belong!

This lovely devotional, written just for you, is a beautiful reminder of that you were made with purpose by a heavenly Creator… .and that you belong–right here and now–in this world. 180 encouraging readings and inspiring prayers, rooted in biblical truth, will reassure your uncertain heart, helping you to understand that you’re never alone and always loved. In each devotional reading, you will encounter the bountiful blessings and grace of your Creator, while coming to trust His purposeful plan for you in this world. You Belong: Devotions and Prayers for an Uncertain Heart is a wonderful, quiet-time devotional… .whether you’re new to the faith or a long-time believer!

Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens.
This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live.1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 MSG



I’m actually blown away by how beautiful this devotional is! The design of the cover and on the actual pages is gorgeous. This is an “open and go” kind of devotional, the prayers are short and sweet, perfect for people who are beginning they’re walk with God! The messages are so well thought thru and help us to connect more with God. I’m really really impressed with this devotional! There are no dates, so you can start whenever you want. I would love to get the physical copy, this will go on my birthday wishlist (I right now have the ebook version). I would definitely encourage you to get the physical copy because it’s definitely worth it! 

promo for you belong


4 stars

Thank you Barbour Publishing via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Preorder this book here 

Bookdepository / Amazon


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January Favorites (2020 edition)

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Hello, my darlings! How are you all doing? How did January treat you? I hope it was an amazing month with lots of great events. My January was eventful, had lots of guests (unusually so). We still have 0 snow and it’s super sad. This was the warmest winter I have ever seen, and it makes me very worried about the environment.

Let’s dive into my favorites!



Purifying Gel wash with Organic Tea Tree & Lime

I got this one as a Christmas present from my friend. She always gives me amazing skincare/makeup items as gifts, and this was one of the most amazing ones yet! It does clean my face properly, I love the quality. I will tell a little bit more about this product in a bigger post, because I did get a lot of products from this line.



Timotei Pure Conditioner for Normal to Greasy Hair

I LOVE THIS CONDITIONER! And I’m ready to shout from the rooftops about it. It leaves my hair moisturizer , but grease-free. It has an amazing green tea scent, I love it!



Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson

Great Book! Interesting story and amazing writing. I have a full review you can check out here : Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson-Book Review.




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53 cheap date ideas

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Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? Next week it’s valentine’s day! Are you excited? Many of you are going od n dates or at least planning something for this romantic date. So I thought it was a good idea to give you some ideas for a fun date but on a strict budget, hope you will find it helpful! Let’s dive into it!


1. Inside or outside picnic

2.Movie marathon

3.Midnight bike ride together

4. Play board games 

5.Make a new recipe together

There are tons on the internet. Never made a pizza from scratch? Haven’t tried this interesting Indian dish? Why not make it a fun date night and it doesn’t need to be expensive(definitely cheaper than going out).


6.Go for a run together.

7.Roller skate around your neighborhood or in a local park.

8. Volunteer together.

9.Attend a free concert in the park.

10. Buy or make cheap kites and go fly them in the park.

Have you ever tried making a kite? If not,that’s a unique date idea and it definitely on a budget. Find a “How To” video on youtube and try to make a kite with your significant other.


11.Feed ducks at the pond.

12.Challenge each other to a video game competition.

13.Browse at a bookstore.

14.Enjoy a hike.

15.Sing karaoke

You don’t need to go out of your house for this! Try a Youtube karaoke video version of your favorite song or a karaoke app(there are lots of them ), sing a duet or “battle” it out. A great date with little or no investment.

giphy (1)

16.Put together a puzzle 

17.Volunteer Together

18.Home Poker Night

19.Play Truth or Dare

20.Start a blog together

Blogging is fun,and why not do it together? You can make a free blog on lots of different platforms(like WordPress or blogger). Document your life together or just have fun writing/sharing stuff you both like.


21.Try a new sport together

22.Go to a thrift store

23.TV-show marathon

24.Write a bucket list

25.Do yard work together

Do your Yard needs some work? Why not do it together! Gardening can be relaxing and very good for bonding. If you are into it as a couple, this could be an interesting date!

giphy (2)

26.Go to the library

27.Visit the local zoo or aquarium

28.Play ping pong

29.Create a time capsule

30.Take a bubble bath together

Get a bath bomb, fill up your bath, light some candles and start your romantic date!

giphy (3)

31.Go window shopping

32.Go out for coffee or dessert

33.Read a book/books to each other

34.Do some geocaching

35.Do yoga together

This can go very sensual or goofy, either way, it will be an unforgettable evening.


36.Go donate blood together

37.Go ice skating

38.See a local band

39.Colour a coloring book together

40.Try Origami together

Origami is an interesting paper folding art, a very challenging one from my experience. Why not try it together? Get some white paper, find some directions(on youtube or a website), make some snacks and have an amazing evening!

giphy (4)

41.Play badminton in the park

42. Listen to a podcast together

43.Take artsy pictures of each other

44.Do each other’s make up

45.Start learning a new language together

I have a whole post about helpfull recourses that can help you with a new language(Want to learn a New Language?Here are some *Free* resources). This can be a fun project to do together and grow as people at the same time!


46.Go Stargazing

47.Redecorate together

48.Play Mini-Golf

49.Watch a hockey game

50.Learn a new dance

You can find some cheap lessons in your local community center(some provide the first lesson for free, so you can check out different dance styles and find the right for you), or if you are on a very tight budget then a Youtube dance tutorial video can work just as fine.

giphy (5)

51.Learn About Local History And Visit Some Historical Spots

52.Turn Your Living Room Into A Club

53.Discover a new museum

Most museums are free or at least have some free events you can participate in! Find some near you and get exploring with your significant other.



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Tell me in the comments,What’s your ideal date?

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The Wild One (Corisi Billionaires #2) by Ruth Cardello – Book review


She wants to go wild. A billionaire decides to go with her. For two Americans in Paris, love wasn’t in the plans in New York Times bestselling author Ruth Cardello’s sexy high-stakes romance.

After years of choosing safe over satisfying, a weeklong Paris fling sounds perfect to Wren Heath. And who better to have it with than Mauricio Romano, a billionaire with a reputation as a first-class heartbreaker. A few days. Fun, then done. What happens on vacation stays on vacation, right?

Paris was Mauricio’s playground, and love was never part of the game. Lust? Toujours. Then he meets a sweet woman who wants to be a sex kitten. He knows how to give her the wildest five days and nights of her life. No commitments. No strings. But the hotter it gets, the harder it is to remember his own rules.

What do you do when what happens in Paris stays in your heart and then shows up at home?

Are these two destined to clash or destined for love?



Spoiler Free

Trigger warning – mentions of  PTSD 

The story– 4 /5

Setting of the book–  3,5/5( we are in Paris for the most part)

Main Hero– 4 /5

Smexy Times?– Yes

Overall – 4 /5 stars

4 stars


To be fair it started a little bit slow for me, but after the first 3 chapters, it started picking up. The story was interesting, very funny in some places, great writing(will definitely check other books by this author). We get the whole story from a dual point of view(Mauricio and Wren), I usually don’t like that but in this book, it worked amazingly.  This was an instant-love story(more like instant lust to love ), so if you don’t like those better skip this one. The only thing I was confused about was the first and last chapter, we get the main hero from the first book in this series and his “point of view” and I was confused why is it there? Like it didn’t add to the story, and because I haven’t read the first book in this series I was lost…So I advise you to read it before you read this one. Overall a great book would recommend!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review



Loyalty made almost any sin pardonable

Except fucking bunny ears

“There is nothing shameful about the human form”

“I agree” I did. In theory. I justs couldn’t help that I’d been raised with closed doors and fully dressed parents 

Mauricio would sell me a fantasy, then forget my name

His fantasy.

Not mine.

My father looked to Sebastian.”He’s the pretty one, but has he always been this slow? In a minute I’m going to walk away, wait for one of you to slap some sense into him: then and only then will I come back and try this conversation again”

Get this book here

Amazon Kindle / Amazon Paperback


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Taking Part in the “2020 Diversify Your Reading” Challenge

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

Hello, My Darlings! It’s the end of the first month of 2020 and I need a Challenge, because why not…am I right? And why not challenge me for the whole year? So I found this amazing 2020 reading challenge on the monganmoments blog, she has a Facebook group and Instagram for this challenge, basically, the whole package definitely checks it out.   Let’s read what genres we have for the whole year!

2020 Diversify Your Reading Challenge

  • JANUARY: Historical Fiction
  • FEBRUARY: Romance
  • MARCH: Self-Help/How-To
  • APRIL: Young Adult
  • MAY: Science Fiction
  • JUNE: Non-Fiction
  • JULY: Suspense/Thriller
  • AUGUST: Contemporary Fiction
  • SEPTEMBER: True Crime
  • OCTOBER: Fantasy
  • NOVEMBER: Memoir & Autobiography
  • DECEMBER: Mystery


My plan for this is to read at least 1 book from the genres we have in the specific month and then write a review, but I can only read my  Physical TBR books,If I don’t have any in that genres than I can get an Ebook(those are rules I made for myself)I already have. I can see already that some will totally bring me out of my comfort zone(like non-fiction or Self-Help). Can’t wait! So we are skipping January(because it’s already ending).

So ready for the Challenge!

giphy (4)

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Tell me in the comments, Are you doing any Reading challenges this year?

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Valentine’s day #OOTD ideas

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

Hello, My Darlings! Are you ready for Valentine’s day? I’m soo ready to eat all the candy… I still haven’t anything planned for the actual day, but I thought it would be fun to do some outfit appropriate for a date night or a girl’s night out. Hope you find those outfit inspirational!Let’s dive into it!

Disclaimer-*some of those links are affiliate* 

“Pink Dream”

This look was inspired by the Pink dress, I saw it and understood it’s the perfect dress for Valentine’s day. It can be casual or dressed up, whatever the occasion this dress can work. I made this look to be very romantic, but comfortable. I love those earrings, so simple but at the same time classy. Great look for a casual date or a late brunch.


Pink Polkadot midi dress 

 Heart earrings

Black Pump Shoes

My mood is “Red”

I found this top and was in love right away. Isn’t it pretty?! Pared with those interesting shoes, black high waisted jeans or leggings, and red lips are the perfect look for a night out with your significant other or your best friends.


Red to Black Gradient shoes 

LOVE&LEMONADE Sexy Red Bandeau 

“Green with Envy”

Isn’t this dress so cute?! I love the color of it and while making this #ootd, I remembered the perfume “Gabriella” by Chanel. It’s such a strong but at the same time feminine scent. That’s why I tried making this look more feminine but at the same time “strong” and confident.

green with envy

Green Satin dress

Baby girl Neckless 

Platform Peep Toe high heels 


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We reached 800+ Followers!

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OMG!!! We have reached 800+ followers on this blog. I want to Thank You all SO MUCH for supporting me by Liking, Reading and Following. You all inspire me to be a better person and a blogger. Again Thank you soo much and I really hope we will reach 1000 followers by the end of 2020!Cheers!


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